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Do you resonate with either of these problems?

Scaling is difficult for startups
70% of startups fail because of premature scaling and lack of funding & market knowledge

It’s complicated to bring research and business into line
Researchers often lack the necessary business knowledge and skills to bring their innovations to the market

Innovation managers and knowledge transfer officers are often overwhelmed
Coping with the increasing workload and managing complex projects and programmes are challenging

We help innovation managers and knowledge transfer officers to run efficient programmes 

by designing, developing, and running new projects or by joining their existing initiatives.

Knowledge Transfer Management

Business Development


International Expansion


Innovation Management Services


Workshops / Masterclasses
Longer innovation programmes


Individual advisory
Internal Demo Days
Peer-to-peer learning focused group mentoring


Assessment of applicants and ideas
Identification of the best projects



We help startups to gain strong early traction, acquire clients, raise funding and scale globally by delivering practical and engaging workshops on specific business growth-related topics.

  • 12 modules
  • Online & offline
  • Sharing field experience

We design, develop and run complete innovation programmes from scratch – such as bootcamps, hackathons or even longer – 3-6-12-months – programmes.


Our Key Modules

1. Venture Building – Being a Startup

2. The Business Model and Value Proposition Canvases

3. The Challenges of International Market Entry

4. Competitive Analysis and Sources of Competitive Advantage

5. B2B Sales ProspectingRECORDING HERE

6. Global – Online & Offline – Networking

7. Cultural Differences

8. Resource Management

9. Fundraising – Understanding the VC World

10. Building a Pitch Deck

11. Pitching Techniques

12. Communicating Science to Non-Experts



Individual Mentoring

We help participants by sharing our expertise in our key domains during individual online and offline personal advisory sessions.

Internal Demo Days and peer-to-peer learning focused group mentoring

We prepare participants for Demo Days and other pitch competitions and challenge them with our questions.

We also create a peer-to-peer learning environment within which participants can give feedback and recommendations to each other.


Project Evaluations

We assess applicants and ideas to help the programme managers in identifying the best candidates.

We evaluate and score proposals against a predefined selection and award criteria, on a scale from 0 to 5, and give feedback on:

  • Whether the proposals address the criteria well;
  • How significant the shortcomings are.


Support in Prototyping and Legal Matters


Innovation and business growth experts specialised in international expansion, fundraising and business development

Gergo Gulyas IMC

Co-Founder, Innovation & Business Growth Partner

Head of Wolves X at Wolves Summit
Founder at cLAB Ventures
Member of the Board, Startup Campus (VC)

Tamas Szeker MSc

Co-Founder, Innovation & Business Growth Partner

Innovation & Funding Growth Partner at Strata
Cybersecurity Growth Partner at STP Ventures
Head of Business Development – Corporate Innovation at Hackquarters
Head of Global Partnership Development at EuroAsian Startup Awards


Our international team includes vetted hands-on experts in various domains

Subject-matter expertise
Our advisors cover areas such as legal, tech, IT, funding, innovation, design, accounting and recruitment

Deep commitment
They are passionate about helping businesses succeed


Some of our key partners contributing to our value proposition


Partners offering perks & discounts worth $200K+ to support startups


Our Collective Traction


Startup programmes designed and executed


Startups supported


Investors and accelerators in our network

Our Geographic Reach


We support various types of organizations in the innovation ecosystem globally

  • Universities
  • Research centres
  • Incubators & accelerators
  • Governmental agencies
  • Grant-funded projects – such as Horizon or Erasmus+


What our clients say about us

iScale Hub provided great support to our alumni during our Bootcamp. Their task was to prepare the startups for their international expansion and help them in fundraising. The workshops were value-focused and well presented, and they helped the attendees to understand the key concepts. The mentoring sessions were tailor-made but also encouraged peer-to-peer learning if it was possible. They created strong connections with the teams, everyone could approach them with questions openly and freely – even after the programme. Both, the students, and the organisers were happy with the performance iScaleHub, therefore I strongly recommend them for similar initiatives.

Adam Formanek

Startup Coach | Program Manager at Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology (BHT)



What our clients say about us

Tamas offered an insightful and extremely useful session to our students and alumni on where to begin with sales. He framed the session so that attendees could walk away with actionable tasks to move their businesses forward.

Natalie Berge

Head of Networks & Alumni | Entrepreneurship Centre | Saïd Business School | University of Oxford


What our clients say about us

We had a professional and practical B2B sales workshop with Tamas, that although was on Zoom, he delivered best practices, kept the audience fully engaged, and had excellent feedback from the researchers and PhDs of Technion.

Maayan Hagar

Director at Technion Hub for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hub (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)


What our clients say about us

The seminar on ‘How to design an effective sales process for B2B sales’ was very informative and provided valuable insights for startups at different stages. The practical advice provided was also very useful and it was clear that many of the attendees were able to put it into practice. Overall, I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone looking to improve their B2B sales process.

Silvia Costantino

Program Analyst & Operations at B4i – Bocconi for Innovation

(Bocconi University, Italy)


What our clients say about us

iScale Hub helped us to educate our researchers about entrepreneurship in a way that was specifically designed for people from science-heavy backgrounds. We later decided to involve the knowledge transfer office as actually, the officers could benefit a lot from understanding more about this segment of innovation management, especially in sales and corporate collaboration strategies..

Matej Rus

CEO of PODIM | Lecturer | University of Maribor



What our clients say about us

Gergő was a guest lecturer during the Summer School “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity” organised by the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism – University of Split. He was working closely with the teams and shared his insights from the start-up community, guiding students through the process of establishing and running a start-up, developing strategic mindset, networking, and raising capital and pitching the project. His great strength is explaining complex issues in a simple way backed by real life examples. With his knowledge, experience, network and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, he can help any start-up in different stages of their journey. He is a structured thinker and pragmatic communicator, well suited to working with entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.

Vlatka Skokic

Professor, University of Split



What our clients say about us

I highly recommend Tamas as a startup mentor. He recently gave several masterclasses for my company, Demium, and his insights on international expansion, fundraising, market analysis, and go-to-market strategy were invaluable. Tamas is also a great mentor and his guidance has helped many startups achieve their goals. Tamas has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sales field and I have no doubt that he will be an asset to any team or organization.

Diogo Patão

Business Operations, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at Demium



What our clients say about us

Gergő was a mentor for DeepTrait, a deep tech startup I co-founded. Getting things right for deep tech is extremely challenging: the conventional tools for a market size estimate do not work, the business model is often fuzzy, and the textbook examples of business development fall apart. Gergő is among the few business consultants who can work in such ambiguity. He helped us put the business strategy together from scratch when the templates did not fit our company and suggested the way forward from strategic planning and execution standpoints.

Sergeii Shelpuk

CEO at Deeptrait



What our clients say about us

Tamas gave us excellent advice and comments on how to get funding from foreign venture capitals and how to expand to international markets. He was very helpful and we are improving our work according to his suggestions.

Yong-Gyun Jung

Chief Technology Officer at Ezdiatech Inc.

(South Korea)


What our clients say about us

Credible and trustworthy strategic consultant with a broad investor and B2B network. He provided great help and outstanding support in our UK expansion – thanks to him we could get term sheets and raise within a very short timeframe.

Gabor Toth

CEO at Insimu 



BHT Startup Bootcamp

We delivered a 5-day startup bootcamp together with the MIT at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology (BHT) in Germany, focused on business growth-related topics such as International Expansion, Business Development, B2B Sales, Global Networking, Financial Planning, Fundraising, and Pitching & Pitch Deck.

We also mentored the participating startups, organized and delivered an Internal Demo Day and participated as a jury member at the closing Demo Day.


InnoUNITA Startup Programme

We collaborated with UBIMedical at the University of Beira Interior in Portugal where, as part of the European program InnoUNITA – “From University Research to Business”, we trained six selected teams in the Life Sciences space and equipped them with the necessary business knowledge and skills to build and scale their own startups. 

InnoUNITA was a one-month international hybrid program, implemented in six European universities, in which 36 teams were be accelerated and trained about the essentials of business: the lean startup methodology, the problem solution fit, the BMC, the product market fit, the MVP, and the elevator pitch, among others. The participating universities included Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal), University of Turin (Italy), Université Savoie Mont Blanc (France), Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), University of Pau and Adour Countries (France), and West University of Timisoara (Romania).


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